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Metal Reviews done by Ander's posted on 11-18-17

Exarsis - "New War Order" - 2017 (Review by Anders Let The Sharting Begin)

I guess this is part of the "retro-Thrash" movement that has been taking place the last decade, or so? Or, has it been fifteen years, already? I don't really know when/where the arbitrary lines are/were drawn. All I can say is this is - definitely - Thrash. I'm not sure what to make of it, yet. I'm starting to really not like the "high pitched screams". They are being overdone, in my not so humble opinion. While it sets them apart from other Thrash bands, it's just too fucking annoying. It's grating on my nerves heavily. Goddamn. "Shut the fuck up, bitch" - is all I can think and they just keep coming. The music - itself - is quite adept. But does the dude doing the vocals have a tampon stuck in his twat too deep or something? Apologies for being so blatantly vulgar, here...but what the fuck? It's starting to get embarrassing. I think it was the first  (or second?) Death Angel album that had "periodic" screams like this (yes, another "menses" joke thrown in by accident - wearing white pants when it strikes, boys? Is that your problem?). But it was just once in a while. These vocals are that high pitched throughout entire songs. Gag. I can't continue listening to this... I doubt they will stray too far from their formulaic - already been done before - Thrash presentation. All I see is pigtails and sun dresses, as I leave.

Valdur - "Divine Cessation" - 2017 (Review by Anders Angel of Disease)

This is like gazing into an abyss-like ritual chamber of iniquitous proportions. The ephemeral demon-spirits swirl around the boiling to the brim cauldron as chanting devotees proclaim their souls to a higher disorder. There's some scenery from the 1981 movie "Dragonslayer" floating through my mind as this unbridled chaos continues. Maybe, some of the darkness of "Pan's Labyrinth", as well. Every once in a while there's a discordant droning passage of guitars that's reminiscent of Immolation (that unhinging of melancholy, madness, and despair type of thing). As colossal walls come crashing down - so do the gods that represent them! All hail the rendering of emptiness that washes through all mirages of certainty! Where faith is only seen as a misguided notion and the absolute is portrayed via absolution without repentance. A sanctum replete with all things manifest without definitions given. Glory be to nothing...and so it is.

Xaemora - "Pandemonium's Ocean" - 2017 (Review by Anders Lactose Intolerance Equals Pathological Abandonment Issues)

So, I open this review up on the third song - titled "Wrist Slitter". Nice song title - that is! Perfect melancholy drenched representation of this Black Metal display. The music of this seven song requiem to a life filled with suffering has some "basic" Black Metal leanings but with a fair share of "quirky pleasantries". There's a few "progressive" rock tinges here and there, as well as some "traditional Metal" lurking between the "mandatory" galloping horses type blasting drums and tremolo picked guitars. The song "Lament" has some surprising arpeggiated solo passages. A few songs back I heard kind of a Thrash inspired drum attack. The vocals have that "screaming in a chasm trapped by despair" vibe about them. Goes well with the bleak starkness of the music in general. This release seems like one of those where you'll find new things in it each time you listen to it. It deserves another listen by me, even...there's an unspoken personal invitation to do just that. The last song - almost - has a "Power Metal" type ambiance to it. Interesting.

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Interview  with  Sacrilegious  Rite   done  by  Patrick posted on 11-17-17

Interview  with  Sacrilegious  Rite   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails when did you  first discover  metal  music  and  who were  some of the first bands you  listened  to?

Hails! I guess this started in the common way.... my main influences at that time where rock and hard rock. Queen, Deep Purple, Nazareth and so on.... timeless classics!

2.When  did you all get the idea  to  start    Sacrilegious  Rite and who  would you  say  are  the bands  biggest  influences?

Sacrilegious Rite is a follow up of our former band Capitis Damnare (1999-2010)...after that we started sacrilegious rite because we weren’t satisfied with that years situations and the problems it caused. 
Sacrilegious Rite does more speak to and through us than CD ever could be. It’s pure! Pure old school metal and pure ideology and belief!

In a matter of fact we are pretty much influenced by old school death and black metal from the end of the 80s to the middle of the 90s. Just to name some examples like grotesque, mystified, sarcofago ....

3.Summoned From Beyond  is  Sacrilegious  Rite's  debut  release how  long  did it  take the band to  write  the music  for this  release?

The material on summoned from beyond is pretty old now. Some songs are on the first songs which we started out with shirt after the founding of sacrilegious rite. Line up changes have always thrown us back in development which is in a way no problem anymore because we decided to go on as a two piece!

4.Who  usually  takes  care of  writing  the lyrics  and what are  some topics written about  on  the debut  release?

All lyrics, since the very beginning have been written by me. The topic is more or less about spirituality, spiritual death and ritualistic travel into the abyss

5.Besides the  debut full length  are any of  the splits or EP's still available?Besides physical releases  does the band have  any other merchandise available if yes where  can the readers  buy it?

We got rid of most material pretty fast. In the underground nothing happens without getting noticed by one or another. On the other hand you always do trades or you’re always in contact with people who share your point and exchange.

Better is to contact us directly at: or have a look at the Facebook page.

6.What  does underground  metal  mean to  you?

Underground has been a very important part in our role as musicians or music enthusiasts. It’s the very foundation a scene is build on. I don’t mean a local scene with that, no some guys you meet and have a beer. Luckily the underground scene is not bound to locations because it’s global. You have your contacts everywhere.... that’s the underground!

7.Does  Sacrilegious  Rite   play live  very  often  or do you prefer  to  work in  the  studio?Are  their  any tours or shows  coming up  in support  of Summoned From Beyond ?

We play live from time to time. It’s not often and not rare... it holds the weight. We’re fine with our actual live presence.

8.Do you or any of the other members  work  in  any other  bands or solo projects?If  yes please  tell the  readers a little  about  them? 

There are none and for a good reason. We prefer to focus our time and energy on just one project than to waste it on inessential stuff.

9.Sacrilegious  Rite   comes out  of Germany's  blackend death metal scene what   are your  thoughts on the German  scene?

Globally most people think that Germany is the country of metal. It’s right It it grands a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you have a hell of activity here.... there’s hardly a guy who doesn’t play in a band. The resulting curse is that you got overstock of bands which ruins the sight of the market.... you have more quantity than quality which makes it damn difficult for serious bands to rise from an ocean of faceless artists. But I can’t reflect this on the whole scene we have a lot of comrades here and people with serious bands who definitely deserve more attention. But this problem is getting global and it’s getting worse and worse.

10.Who  are your all-time  favorite  German bands and are  their  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

That’s not easy to answer. Early Kreator, Sodom and Destruction for sure! Poison and Protector.... what you should try out is Purgatory! Not new but way too underrated!

11.Besides  bands  are their any honest,reliable  labels and distro's you  could recommend  from Germany?

Sure! For sure I recommend the label we’re under which is Dunkelheit. But there’s also Iron Bonehead, Pegasus and some smaller distros and labels. As mentioned before, Germany got a lot to offer when it comes to metal.

12.Thank you  for  taking  the  time to  fill  this  interview out  are their  any final  words for  the  readers?

I thank all readers for their potential interest in our art. The past is alive when you listen to “Summoned from Beyond”

                                                               Band  Contacts
                                                              Label  Contacts

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Interview  with Hades  Archer  done  by  Patrick posted on 11-2-17

Interview  with Hades  Archer  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  please introduce  yourselves  to  the  readers?And  when  did you  two  first  meet  each other?

Hello my friend, Hades Archer is a band that plays extreme
black metal since 2006 year in league with heretic counter-culture
front. Nasty, obscure and obscene!

2.At  what  age  did you  first  discover metal  music and  who were  some of the  first  bands you  listened  to?

In 1994 I started to hear music. And metal play my attention immediately with the old thrash and death metal  acts of those years.

3.You  two  formed  Hades  Archer  in 2006 what  gave you  the idea to  start  this  band?And who  would you  say  are the bands biggest influences?

First and foremost, we start like a project then with the years  became in a band. We were influenced mostly by great death-black metal exponents like impaled nazarene, sarcofago, sextrash, angelcorpse,
sadistik exekution, blasphemy, comqueror, black witchery, witchmaster,  inquisition and more...

4.Hades  Archer's third full-length "Temple Of The Impure" which  will be  released  through Hells Headbangers Rec. how  did you  all come in  contact  with this great  label?

We needed to work in a great label with a great distribution. That was the reason for to take contact HHR who lauched  our second album in July of this year.

5.Do  you  both  work on  writing the music or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

Yeah! I had composed mostly all Hades Archer's artwork and music

6.Besides  the upcoming  release  are  the bands  previous  releases  still available?Besides physical releases  does the band have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the  readers?

If someone needs the previous Hades Archer's merchandise  may write us to, It there're available  in Cd format, that's only remains  

7.What  does  underground  metal  mean  to you?

The last fifteen years it has meant my lifestyle often. Doing tapetrading, being an artist, composer, musician and more with  the bands which I´m part.    

8.Do  either  of you  play  in  any  other bands or  solo projects?If  yes  please  tell  the  readers a  little  about them?

Nowadays I'm in Force Of Darkness, In Nomine and Bloody Vengeance
since this year. In the past I took part in Impure Possession  and another withoutname projects that never saw the light.

9.Hades  Archer  comes  out  of  Chilean  metal  scene what  is your  opinion  of  Chile's  metal  scene?
Chilean metal scene is great, many underground and maimstream band  has been played in the country the last years. About national band  you may find many kind of styles heavy, death, black, thrash metal   bands along the country. I'm proud about Chilean scene has became 
and will come more participants to the panthymonium.

10.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  bands  coming  out of Chile?And  are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the readers  should  check  out  soon?

I may mention to you Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell,  Apostasy, Cancerbero, Slaughtbbath, Diabolical Messiah, Ammit, Kratherion, Procession, Capilla Ardiente, Acero Letal, Ceremonial, Wrathprayer, Perversor,  Atomicide, Ejecutor, Instentgoat, Enforcer, Sadistic, Hellbutcher,  Godless and many more... 

11.Besides  bands  are  their  any honest and reliable  Chilean labels or  distro's  you can  recommend  to  the  readers?

Veins Full Of Wrath, Mushantufe, Rawforce, Cano Metal and Apocalyptic Prods. 

12.When  not  working  on  new  music or  band  business  what  do you  like to  do  in your  free time?

I'm work as a simple mortal!

13.Thank  you  for  taking the  time to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

"Temple Of The Impure" is a great album. We're waiting for the Lp format  to come out soon. Fuck off the world order, creeds, zionism and all it elite 
for the world inheritance. Hail Hades!  

                                                                        Label  Contacts
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Reviews done by Patrick posted up on 10-29-17

Crypts Of  Despair--The Stench Of The Earth cd  {Testimony  Rec.}

Crypts Of  Despair are a new death metal band  coming out of Lithuania.Their debut cd  The Stench Of The Earth  is great release featuring  ten  tracks of heavy old-school death metal madness.The  guitars are played with  both crazed assult of  riffs  and a more controlled  mid paced heavier sound.The guitarist can write and play some well performed patterns and even mixes in some solo's.The vocals  are a mix of raw,gruff growls and some deeper  death growls.If you  are a  fan of  slid death metal  then be sure to  pick up a  copy  of  The Stench Of The Earth  today.
                                                                                    Label  Contacts

Limbsplitter--Chloroform Cocktail   cd  {Unmatched  Brutality Rec.}

Coming out  of  Cleveland Ohio  is Limbsplitter  with  their debut  full length Chloroform Cocktail.Featuring eight tracks of  brutal and gore  filled  death metal.The vocals  are deep death metal growls and some raw thrashy screams are used in  a few tracks.The guitars  are played  with  alot  alot of  skills that go from an all out assult of  fast  riffs and patterns  but  do slow to a more  calmer and mid paced  guitar  parts.If you  are  a  fan of brutal death metal then  be sure to check  out  the  new  release   Chloroform Cocktail  today.
                                                                              Label  Contact

Rites Of  Daath--Hexing  Graves Mcd  {Godz Ov War Prod.}
Rites Of  Daath  are a  death,doom metal band coming out  of the Polish  scene.Hexing  Graves is the  bands  debut Mcd  featuring five songs of   doomish death metal.The  band does  a  great job of  playing  both  mid paced and  some faster sections.The drums  range from  heavy mid paced to a  faster  drum pace.The vocals  are heavy death growls  that  fit  Rites Of  Daath style perfectly.If you  are a fan of  solid death metal mixed with  some doomish  elements  then be sure to pick up  the debut Mcd of  Rites Of  Daath  today

                                                                        Label   Contacts

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Interview  with MKM vocalist  of  Aosoth   done  by  Patrick posted on 10-22-17

Interview  with MKM vocalist  of  Aosoth   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  MKM  please introduce  yourself to  the  readers? When  did you  first  start listening  to  black  metal?

42 – Male – French – Used to be a die hard “closed minded” active individual in the scene. First time I heard black metal? Outside venom which I hated & still dislike, I guess it was in 91 or so… I don’t recall, back then I was doing a fanzine & tape trading – mostly death metal and from time to time there were recordings sent to me that were “different” & going away from what went mainstream some years after (with the major death metal tours & all that US scene…)   I do remember not being too keen on the second darkthrone album when it came out, since I was really into the first one for instance…. I was young – now I consider this album among the faves of those years.

2.Who   were  some  of  the  first  bands you listened to  and  who  are  some of your  current  favorites?

First bands : usual heavy metal bands from the 80s, garage bands from high school trying to copy them, having also myself a band of that vein then – out of those teenage years, I guess only the drummer & I are still involved in the musical scene, he went into violent hxc & well… here I am now.           Among bands I did listen to when young : I guess there is none I still listen to. Apart from the 1st g’n’r maybe?!     Nowadays : hexen holocaust, impure ziggurat, saqra’s cult, possession are among the ug bands I do listen to lately & non metal : Emma Ruth Rundle latest album.

3.MKM you  formed  Aosoth  in 2002  when  did you first  get  the idea to  start this band?And how  did you  choose  Aosoth as the name of the band does  it  have a  special  meaning?

We used to rent a reh’ room in Paris for some hours per week with Antaeus, those places are expensive as you can guess & since we were all dispatched around the area, it was the only way for us to get a place with all the equipment already present. Our drummer back then kept on missing reh’ and we would end up having a place for two hours – after a while : working on Antaeus riff was enough and we were anyway performing the same setlist at least 3 to 4 times per week. We decided to switch places & our then second guitar player (thorgon) would go behind the drumkit and we would work on more improvised minimalist mid tempo black metal with lyrics taken from chants of the O9A. This is where the name cames from, a poem linked to that order I did read when I was 16 or so and the image did stick to me for years, up to now.

4.What  is the  current line up of  the band?And  who  are  some of  Aosoth's  biggest  influences?

Line up for this recording : Bst for all music & myself for lyrics/visuals.    Influences? Could be anything experienced, to life, from mundane anger to Divine wrath.     Abuse, trust, traitors, deception, all of those could be inspiration.    Music wise : I have no idea, we kept on being compared to Antaeus on the first two releases while I was just the singer on both – it made no sense especially since those reviews were done for the 3rd era of Aosoth : thus with NO other Antaeus member.      When we just had the split mlp & demo : indeed it was a full ANTAEUS line up (minus the drummer) and could have displayed similarities. But when BST came in (after the ambient noise demo time) – I did not feel much of Antaeus. There were even “solos” or thrash elements or speed even at times, which are NOTHING I was or would be into.

5.V:The Inside Scriptures  is  Aosoth's newest  release  how long  did  it  take the band to  write the music for the new release?

More or less 3 years to compose & record & master the whole album + that split track we did on TERRATUR POSSESSION with Norway’s RITUAL DEATH.

6.MKM you  handle the  vocals  for the band so I figure you  write the lyrics for the music? What are  some of  the topics you  wrote  about  on  V:The Inside Scriptures?

Lyrics will be enclosed this time. Each recording is a personal expression of events occurring in my life, engraved with “sounds” & music around it. We are closer to “spoken words” than the “sing along the chorus” type of band.

7.Besides  the new release  are  any of the bands previous  releases  or other merchandise still  available?If  yes  what is  available and where  can the readers buy it?

I think they are… Most are available through Agonia webstore (merch & cd & some vinyls), the latest album will be repressed (IV Arrow in Heart) on vinyl for this November.     Apart from this, all the split release we did are mostly sold out, maybe WTC has some leftovers from the split lp with Order of Orias. And am confident that there  are still copies of the split with RITUAL DEATH there :

8.MKM I  know you  have  been  a part of  the black metal  scene  for  many years  how do you  feel  the black metal scene  has  evolved  over the  years?

Without considering it to be dead, it’s obviously not matching my vision & what I experienced back in the early 90s. No nostalgic though, it did happen that way, it died somehow & there is something new going on. It has its interesting points but also way too many bullshits I don’t relate to.   Black Metal : SATAN.    All those crust/anarcho/Antifa/Emo/pagan

9.Besides  working in  Aosoth I  know you  have  been  active with many other bands over the years. Are you  currently  working  with any other bands or projects  at  this  time?

Antaeus has had Condemnation out on CD/LP last year. 
Martröð just had its tape version out of the mlp we released a while back, it seems like a new recording might happen in the near future.
No time for anything else for now (nor the cash either tbh)

10.Aosoth  comes  out  of  France's black metal  scene  what is your  opinion  of  France's  black metal  scene?

No opinion about any scene in general. I only take in consideration bands in which individuals I respect are involved. Your music can be as impressive as it is, if I consider the individual as lame : I wont pay attention.   We are not in contact with much bands from around here anyway.

11.Who  are your all-time  favorite  bands coming out of  France?And  are  their  any  new bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check out?

DEATHSPELL OMEGA / MASSACRA / MUTILATED – then : Hell Militia, Blacklodge, Temple of Baal, Belektre - Satanicum Tenebrae…. New bands : NECROBLOOD obviously & Impure Ziggurat / Hexen Holocaust.  Ritualization also has had quite its impact lately in their genre.

12.Thank you  MKM  for  taking the  time to fill this  interview out  do you  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?


                                  Band  Contacts
                                 Label  Contacts

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Reviews done by Anders posted on 10-21-17

Darkfall - "At The End Of Times" - 2017 (Review by Anders Trim The Fat With A Blow-Torch)

Lame. Bit rate at 160 kbps? For review or not - lame. Anything below 320 kbps and the production is very noticeably depreciated. Even at 320 kbps, there's a difference. Far less but still diminished. Afraid of your music being stolen or don't want to pay for a better form of storage/retrieval? You'd think you'd want to present yourselves or your "clients" in the highest fashion possible. Whatever. On to the music. So, far...boring. Kind of basic "Swedish" sounding mild Old School Death Metal laden Thrash. I'm only on track three out of ten tracks (a total of - almost - fifty-four and a half minutes, to this release?). Oh, the potential agony, therein. I like the "symphonic" intros to the first and fourth song, thus far. That said fourth track - titled "Deathcult Debauchery" has a decent "classical" element to it, that I kind of like (guitars). It's not a "flawless" track, however. It has various meandering spots in it that detracts from the "interesting" portions. Can't really salvage this one for my benefit. I like the beginning to the next track ("Ashes Of Dead Gods") but once the vocals come in...nah. If this music was faster and the vocals were replaced by someone like Chuck Billy (of TestAmenT), Glen Benton (of Deicide), or Erik Rutan (of Hate Eternal), I might find it worthwhile. Ugh...puke...the next song, here, to comment on is titled "Blutgott"...that's what it feels like I have, too! I'm starting to get a bad case of "Blutgott" (guts are it gonna come out my mouth or anus? Or both?). Goddamn, this is boring. "At The End Of Times"? What does that even mean? Hopefully, it means "total obliteration" and that there will be no memory of sitting here slowly growing older - exponentially - as this music thuds and flops around in my headphones, like a fresh fish out of water trapped in an hourglass destined to rot and stink up the vicinity. Run-on sentences? Run-on "music". This release has the personality of a wet blanket draped on the shoulders of an Episcopalian. I can't delete this fast enough.

Devangelic - "Phlegethon" - 2017 (Review by Anders Thought It Was Phlegm-a-thon)

Well. Oddly enough, I saw a couple of this band's album covers a day or two ago (before I got this release to review) and was interested in hearing these guys just from that. Two previous releases with Jesus (the supposed "Christ") being chopped to bits on a crucifix and another with him being force fed fecal pudding/sewer sludge - if I remember correctly. However, upon blasting this new album (with a super-mundane cover, at that), umm...well...I'm - definitely - underwhelmed. That's disappointing. Goddamn! I'm on the sixth out of ten tracks and it just sounds like the same song it started out with. Boring. Initially, I thought it sounded like I was on a clanking train (and it still does). I'm imagining we're traveling through a very desolate and hell infested dystopian landscape (think "The End Complete" album cover of Obituary and that scene in "A Nightmare On Elm Street: Part II" where Freddy becomes the school bus driver and they end up perched on a teeter-tottering jagged cliff - man, I should watch that again - it's been a long time since I have...oh...and, maybe, it's like some of those scenes in the movie "Constantine"), which is "cool"...but I'm starting to fall asleep instead of taking in the dire beauty of that said environment - from the unceasing clamor of (and being on) the tracks - going nowhere (and not even THAT fast), here. "Wretched Incantations" is FINALLY something different...but it's just an "intro" of sorts. Ugh...back to the monotonous pounding of the snare drum. There's some fun "cymbal/ride" work going on with the drumming but the rest is that fucking "click, clack, click, clack" of the rickety train rhythm. If I wasn't reviewing this, I'd have turned this one off and jumped from this abomination of a ride a long while back - maybe when we were over a bridge? Hopefully, if I didn't succumb from the impact of hitting the water below - there'd be some crocodiles to finish the job! This release is a solid slab of "something"...and they're skilled in the mechanics of what that "something" is...but there's just not much "creativity" going on, here, to my ears. I just realized there aren't any guitar "solos", either. I don't think. This would be good music to make a "prisoner of war" listen to along side a loaded gun - giving them the ultimatum of either listening to it, in it's entirety, one time (like I did) and go free - or taking a "rug slug" to the noggin. BANG!!!

Forged In Black - "Sinner Sanctorum" - 2017 (Review by Anders Ain't Got Time To Breed)

I'm surprised I'm liking this thus far. When I sampled it a few seconds here and there to see if it was gonna be an instant "no thanks", I was "on the fence", to use a cliche phrase. I'm giving it a chance and am pleasantly glad I did. The first song is sort of a slow/mid-paced broodingly powerful track. It reminds me of elements of bands such as Metal Church, Savatage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Trouble, and - maybe - later mid-career Black Sabbath. The second song continues in that way. Really heavy rock stylings. Yeah, this is pretty enjoyable, actually. The tuning of the guitars seems "odd". Like they are down-tuned, slightly, but not in whole and half steps, only. They have a bit of a "sick" and "off kilter" way about them. Though, not in a garbage way. Not like sour milk or anything. Kind of like how Immolation has that "atmospheric" tone/tuning that no one else has, if that makes sense? Maybe, it's subtle overdubs doing it? It, actually, helps to add a unique touch to what could be kind of "basic/standard" structures/presentation overall. Track three has a little bit of Judas Priest type leanings in it. Track four rounds out the consistency of this e.p. I'm not "super stoked" about this offering but I can't say anything negative about it, either. It's a little better than "middle of the road" to me...but, I'll - probably - not listen to it again. I still appreciate it for what it's worth!

Glass Mind - "Dodecaedro" - 2017 (Review by Anders Plagued By Taxidermy)

This is an instrumental album - if you despise instrumental albums, read no further! Or continue reading. I don't care. The first track off this release has heavy elements of Dream Theater, to me. Could be 'cuz that's the most prevalent "Progressive Rock/Metal" band I've enjoyed listening to for decades and I'm familiar with their stylings. The second track is kind of a short piece. Already forgot it. The third track has that Dream Theater element, once again. Not that they have ripped them off...or have they? Either way, this is some fine quality musicianship and presentation. Another short track, next. Track four. Kind of has a Van Halen like drum beat to it. On to the next long track. Over eight minutes on this one. Yeah, anyone who likes Dream Theater should dig this album. Unless they find that it's a little TOO similar? I'm not a complete "fanboy", as it's said, so I don't mind - I guess. One thing that separates these guys from D.T. is these guys don't have any incredible guitar solos (unlike Petrucci). Or ANY guitar solos, for that matter. Just noticed that. Duh! But this is really nice stuff. Oops! Spoke too soon. Guitar solo, here. "Inside the Whale". It's not "incredible"...but it's a solo! Reminds me of someone holding intestines and pretending to play an accordion! Another short "interlude". "Detritus", also has a guitar solo. Nothing special but has a mild flair, to it. Wow...this is total Dream Theater worship, here. 24/7 Dream Theater absorption? Could happen... Second to final track is another short piece. Long, short, long, short... Yep, last track is another longer song. Interesting. Another couple of guitar solos intermingled in there. Did I miss them in the first half of the album? Well. To finish out, here...these muchachos are fantastic musicians! It might be worth finding/exploring/crafting their own "true" style - but I'm not complaining. Good on them.

Gutslit - "Amputheatre" - 2017 (Review by Anders Tugs 'Til Minus The Apostrophe)

This mother of a baboon fucker clocks in at about fifteen seconds shorter than Slayer's - "Reign in Blood" (just as a conversation starter - not that it matters). This is a fast/brutal/creative/fun breath of fresh (fetid?) air, so far! I'm not a "fan" of "pig squeal" vocals but these guys pulled off a short round of those in the middle of "Brazen Bull" that segued into a tasty little guitar solo (in the same octave range!), seamlessly and enjoyably. Let's see if they can keep the momentum of the first real song (track two) throughout. Yep! Some interesting slinky riffs within the hyper-blasts of song three! I'm really liking this so far! Killer solo in "Necktie Party"! They used some interesting panning/mixing choices, on this album. Dynamic! Man, this is unrelenting! Fantastic! Top form...inspired! I should've known these guys would be "sophisticated" musicians when they spell "theatre" like that and not "theater". High quality bludgeoning, fellows! Two thumbs up from me (just don't hack them off before, OR after, I can put them back in my pockets!). This is a fine piece of artistic brutality! I'll listen to this again! Highly recommended if you like fast and frantic music! I give you my approval in your arena with a mallet to the mullet of anyone who disagrees!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reviews done by Anders posted on 10-18-17

Annihilation - "The Undivided Wholeness of All Things" (Review By Anders Like Tears In Rain)
So, this album starts off with an over four minute instrumental? That seems pretty bold on their part. It sounds good, for sure. Has sort of a slow Suffocation meets Immolation vibe to it...but not a rip-off of either band. The second song starts off with a slightly peculiar speedy opening, then - transitions into the more mid-paced mesmerizing churning of ghostly vapors and mist - that expounds throughout this release's entirety. A thick swirling fog in a rocky and desolate (yet, paradoxically, alive and vibrant) forest of unknown lands exudes forth. Vocals, now. Deep and somewhat guttural. They rise up, a bit, in pitch - throughout the song - matching, nicely, with the flowing purple darkness of undulating guitars. There's sort of an opaquely ethereal atmosphere overall - with the drums offering varied combinations to keep the concoction alluring and interesting. They, sort of, have a "jazz" type signature to them. It seems like percussion that could've/would've been in/on those great Death albums...and Control Denied if it would've continued (sans Chuck Schuldiner's "premature" passing). Track four ("The Illusion of Space and Time") has some guitar riffing that reminds me of some of the presentation on Hate Eternal's "Conquering the Throne" (though, played at half speed). There's some Morbid Angel "Gateways to Annihilation" reminiscence going on in "Emptiness Defiled". All the songs are rather "slow", really. Almost pensive. Contemplative. But not - at all - boring. They are powerfully demonstrative with many things going on with each instrument - even if just subtly woven. Again, there's a strong Suffocation type presence interlaced in these songs, primarily. "Omniverse", also, has a tinge of Mithras thrown it to add some cosmically eerie spice. I recommend this album to anyone who likes the other bands mentioned and/or to those who want to listen to something intricately heavy in-between sessions of pure blasting - to "take a breather" or "cleanse the palette", so to speak.

Come Back From The Dead - "Caro Data Vermibus" - 2017 (Review by Anders Smelly Whores The Banishment Dew)

So, according to an internet translation device - the title of this e.p. is Latin for "was given to worms". Interesting. Funny! The latter, also, being for the music and concept of this band! Welcome back to 1991! Or 1992! Or 1993! Maybe, 1989, you say? When Death Metal was in its infancy and heralding its point of interest and creativity. Not to mean anything beyond that was and isn't significant, of course. Leaps and bounds, creeps and hounds! "Jinkies and zoinks!" There's just a certain "nostalgia" related to those early years that a lot of "old timers", today, look back at with fondness and irreplaceable certainty of being. This release holds up well as an homage and slightly absurd tongue-in-cheek reverence to those yesterdays of youthful abandonment. It's reminiscent of Entombed and Necrophagia, for the most part, I'd say. Maybe, Unleashed. Maybe, Asphyx. Maybe, early Morgoth. That ilk. The songs, here, are "okay" on their own...nothing "special". Only "endearing" in the sense that the sound/images is/are "retro" without much effort. These guys aren't the Steel Panther of Death Metal. No overt "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" going on here. This e.p. seems like it's for those who were there at the beginning. The days of tape trading. Even the cover art is very much representative of that hey-day (much like the "hey-day of hair spray" in the glam vein). It makes me chuckle in a good way. Though, it seems if these guys are "serious" about what they are doing - it will be intriguing to know where they might go with this. Conceptually? Will it be more about selling t-shirts than music? Novelty? I guess we'll see in another 20 years, if these guys survive and thrive. Though, a lot of us will be literally dead by, how will we know? Enjoy it while you can, I guess. Get a few laughs in, 'cuz you won't get the last laugh - that you can count on!

Jupiterian - "Terraforming" - 2017 (Review by Anders Thought Expansion Is The Key In The Doorway of Transcendence While The Mind Is The Foot In That Said Doorway That Was Unlocked The Whole Time But Imagined Not To Be)
It's really starting to amaze me that the musical flavors I've been tasting, lately - with regard to "old preferences" and "solidified unsubstantiated biases" have no particular hold on "reality" and "truth". For instance, I "never" liked "Doom Metal" and would furl my brow, sneer, and cringe with disgust when that sub-genre was spoken of. Even "Sabbath" was gag worthy, most of the time. Yes, yes...I know. Blasphemy and treachery! How dare I speak in such ways! I've had a couple of "friends" who gravitated toward that side of the spectrum (one of whom also gravitated toward "BBW's" - a.k.a. Fat Fuckin' Barely Human Females). Planetary destruction in double and triple X entendre proportions? Where am I going with this? The weight? The heaviness? The Doooooooooom! Rhymes with woooooooooomb! And tooooooooomb! But not comb. Why? I don't know. And I don't know why I like what I'm hearing right now. This is classified as "Atmospheric Sludge Doom" and I'm fully ensnared and captivated by it. "Stockholm Syndrome"? I think not... I really have no idea. This is some powerful undulating hypnotic soundscapes. Cleverly crafted. I will recommend this to the second "old friend" that I'm still in contact with - if I remember to, that is. I think there would be a rejoicing upon the mountain of fathomless foundations rising above the sea of mediocrity! The cover art says it all.